These Rapid Tests and Serology Tests are of high quality and they are based on agglutination, immune-dot, immune-cheomatographic and immune-filtration techniques. They are easy and quick to use, so that depending on the test, they can take between 10 minutes and two hours.

Whilst some of them only require little equipment, others require no additional equipment.

These rapid tests and serology kits are designed to be used with individual or a limited number of samples. Due to their capacity of showing results in a short time, they provide a timely treatment intervention.

  • Rapid Test Kit for Malaria
  • Rapid Test Kit for Pregnancy
  • Rapid Test Kit for Syphilis
  • Rapid Test Kit for Hepatitis B
  • Widal Reagent
  • Blood Grouping Sera
  • RPR
  • ASO Latex Agglutination